Friday, July 19, 2013

"Pop Orchestra Sergei Mazayev debut album

Singer, multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer Sergei Mazaev not limited experiments in existing projects and a new creative team - Variety Orchestra. In the orchestra of 19 musicians - professional high-end, ready to take to experiment with a variety of materials from abroad, in English carried out to a few songs by Soviet composers of contemporary domestic pop and rock products, including those from the repertoire of the "Code of Ethics" to instrumental jazz tunes over the years. Orchestral concerts began in fall 2011, and the first anniversary of his preparation for a debut album to release the already fully recorded and mixed. Sergei Mazaev The album contains more than a dozen vocal and instrumental tracks, carefully selected personally Sergey Mazaev. Musicians turned to the legacy of Soviet music, performing such great works as "Lullaby" by Stas Namin "Flowers" and "Big Dipper" ensemble Vyacheslav Dobrynin - as in the original version on the album is a great singer Oleg Katsura takes. Were reinterpreted many famous international hits like "Unchain My Heart", the part of the repetuar Ray Charles and Joe Cocker was, and "I Have Nothing" the collection has incomparable Whitney Houston - performed a work by singer Anna Pashinskaya. The album was unique Alain Sviridov, who performed a duet with Sergey Mazaev his hit "Samba lost love." Also on this CD for the first time is life-affirming song orchestral version of "Mozart" - a gift for an anniversary of Sergei Mazayev composer and producer Igor Matvienko. For each product, created the original orchestral arrangements - as arrangers were Alexander Myasnikov orchestra (piano, synthesizer) and Nikolai Miroshnik (accordion, keyboards). Each composition is necessarily a place to show mastery of the instrumentalists: You can nicely played solos heard on the piano, trumpet, guitar and accordion. Broad range of tools to take on all the new album's unique sound. Recording of the album took place in Mosfilm studios, sound engineers were Ilya Mazaev, Vladimir Ovchinnikov, Nikolai Kozyrev - concert band sound. Mixing and Mastering Studios-leading Los Angeles and New York, engineers carried out in collaboration with international stars. Signature sound with a touch of retro, original arrangements and excellence is presented to all participants in the celebration mood and inspire even the most discerning palates. The album, whose name has been kept secret, will next fall exclusively in the vinyl and CD version, and it is in the online shop "kommunikeyshens Mazzei." On the website of our record company,

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