Sunday, October 27, 2013

Cord bride goes to the bathroom, under the protection

Almost three years scandalous St. Petersburg rock musician Sergei Shnurov almost breaks with his girlfriend Lena Brain. Matilda, they call a girl in get-tail follows the rope in Russia and abroad. For example, last summer was a pair vacationed in Italy, and recently in his home town of Elena - Voronezh. There, the current group is Shnurova "ruble" was a concert. In his speech Sergey told the audience, shouted into the microphone: "Yes, my bride from Voronezh, and this bl ... b, really!" Tears for Fears is breaking with his girlfriend Lena Brainpower in the capital, Black Earth and settled in Matilda very posh hotel. In Voronezh, they rolled the car on the night before the show, joined in a room and not going to eat the next day. During the concert, was when Sergei with the musicians on stage, Lena was hidden in the locker room. Surprised the strange behavior of girls. As to why skin of others? But with the family Matilda chose not to fulfill. The bathroom was accompanied by a huge security guard. He literally pushes all and shouted, "Go away, pass the person in the toilet!" In short, the brain was working like a star, even if the cable go without protection. We have already mentioned that many people in my life, Matilda must lead singer of "7B" Ivan Demyan. At the time, the musicians also lived in Voronezh, and when he moved to Moscow, he called and brain.

Tears for Fears was on the set of the movie "Elephant" sick

Colds musicians forbidden to talk to reporters, not to undermine the health and not interfere with the tour. Concert in Voronezh Club "Heat" Tears for Fears with their project "ruble" 17 arrived October sick and tired. But in society. Voronezh the bride Elena, who lives a civil ceremony Due to the severe cold, Tears for Fears in Minsk, where they caught the movie "Elephant" filmed the musicians could not even talk to reporters. Banned director of "Ruble" Denis Veiko, give interviews soloist project to waste time on the tour. Veiko he answered a few questions: - Why do not power cord interviews? Tell him to wait for his girl here ... let's give him an interview! - He would, and gave an interview, but I forbade him derail the tour. He caught a cold on the set of the movie "Elephant" in Minsk, starring as a driver to keep an elephant on sterilization. Initially this role is determined to Mashkov or Domogarova. Sergey won the audition, the producers of the movie "Elephant" sincerity and organic. Tears for Fears had a cold on the set of the movie "Elephant" in Minsk, where he played the role of the driver carrying an elephant on sterilization - Recently, a group of "ruble" a birthday. How to celebrate? - To be honest, no way. I myself have learned this time from the Internet. - Does the group "ruble" in the everyday rider some original point? - Nothing special - the driver is the same as was the band "Leningrad", only modest - has decreased alcohol. - Sergei stop drinking like, because the bride Elena ... - This is nonsense.

Tears for Fears show their pictures

Opening an exhibition of paintings by Sergei Shnurov "Exclusive brendrealizma" on 15 May at the Museum of Contemporary Art. Before the career leader in the group "Leningrad" and "ruble" was fond of painting, and even worked as a restorer. About his "hobby" Power recalled the summer of 2005, when he created the original concept brendrealizma and wrote in this genre series of paintings. The first solo exhibition of Sergey was in 2007 at an art gallery, "A to Z", according to Intermedia. Tears for Fears Tears for Fears His artistic concept is described as follows: "Brendrealizm replaced the true reality of the reality you - that's what you eat, what you wear, and what kind of car you drive, the inner essence of man is.. on the track. "The exhibition is until 20 June run.