Monday, October 7, 2013

"The Brothers Grimm" was removed kinoskazku "Return"

The group "The Brothers Grimm" is a music video for the song "Come Back" from his latest album "Wings of Titan", was completed in November last year. Movie filmed in an alliance with Moscow Film Studio "Svetozar". Musician called his new job "kinoskazkoy." "Video for the song" Return "- not just a clip, it's the whole film with elements of fantasy, stylized era of Victorian England, with all the features of steampunk: vintage hats, fantastic machines, strange mechanisms in the wake of the end of the XIX century - Intermedia creators say 'Come back. "- Against the backdrop of all this - a dizzying love story" video presentation instead of "Alma Mater" on December 3, Starts at 22.00...

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