Friday, August 2, 2013

Arbitration studied 100 thousand rubles for the breach of the song "Cinema"

The Moscow Arbitration Court confirmed non-commercial partnership "Edelweiss" with "Catan" 100 thousand recover damages. Infringement exclusive ownership rights to the music of "Cinema" The lawsuit states that on the basis of the Trust Deed 11th February 2011, the applicant shall create rights for the music group "Cinema" to protect, "It is time, but no money", "Sasha", "Kamchatka", "City", "The front of our eyes," " Train, "" Mama, we're all sick, "" A Star Called Sun "," sadness "," Pines on the coast. "In accordance with Part 5 of Article 1242 of the Civil Code (CC) of the Russian Federation and the agreement of 11 February 2011, the Trustee will apply to the court for the protection of the exclusive rights of the owner and damages for the breach. Under Article 1229 of the Civil Code holder has the discretion to allow or prevent others from using the results of intellectual activity or means of individualization. Lack of a ban does not constitute consent (authorization). Other people can not. To the result of intellectual activity or means of individualization without owner's permission, unless the BGB After the non-commercial partnership "Edelweiss", the company "Catan" extends without the consent of the owner recorded works by the retail sales receipt is the first of the Defendant on February confirmed in the amount of $ 100, a detective and report counterfeit CD. The court ruling stated that compensation in the amount of 100 thousand rubles loan defaults reasonable owner, the defendant caused by the proliferation of counterfeit goods, which reduces trade in consumer demand for licensed products. RIA Novosti reported with reference to the rape.

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