Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Alla Pugacheva: If a good night's sleep, spat in his reflection

Diva nostalgic himself at the age of 18 ... They silently recorded the album in black and white photography and began to examine it. If you compare yourself in the mirror with the little girl that was staring and smiling with the photos, she almost wanted to cry. "How time flies Where have their former glory" - in my head began to spin. - If I do not have a good sleep, I just get in front of the mirror and spit in reflection you put the picture in the closet and looked in the mirror again. Silence about himself, all spoke at once wrinkles, it suddenly lurched ... and spat in his image! - Used my eyes have not seen it! - Shouted star. Alla Pugacheva always in awe treated her appearance. What they all have to look good. And plastic surgery, which almost cost his life and numerous diet ... But according to most Alla, all in a war with the age, alas, it did not help. Diva confessed "Secrets of the Stars", which she sees in the mirror is not what I wanted to see in reality: - Sometimes it happens that I look good when enough sleep. And so in general I'm dissatisfied with himself. Dissatisfied with their appearance - said Alla Pugacheva. - Of course, I want to look in the mirror and see for yourself how old I was at age 18. But unfortunately it is not possible. And it's depressing. I - a woman. And I, like any woman who wants to have eternal youth. Although it is wrong - to think so: you love yourself, who you are! But if I do not sleep well, I just get in front of the mirror and spit in the reflection: But then patted her cheek, to go into the shower - and how everything "Fool to take sleeping pills and Failed!". To me 60 years! Oh, and what is in the 80, I do not know! ..

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