Thursday, April 11, 2013

Pugacheva do not want to see Maksim on "Song of the Year"

Alla was the always a headstrong woman, showed again his royal charm temperament. Diva from the list of participants of the festival "Song of the Year 'pregnant and a popular country singer Mack removed. Actress, surprisingly spiteful critics, stadiums, and last year collected will not be in a position at the prestigious concert under the auspices of Pugacheva instead of performing. Alla said Mack is not a professional singer Nobody ever still can not explain why "the woman who sings," liked the young actress, but the fact remains. After close friends of Mack, Alla says, it's not quite a professional singer. Moreover, if the judgment can pass diva in defense of his decision, that, well, Marina Ambrosimovu not airing and major national channels. It should be noted that last year, no amount of persuasion producers of "Song of the Year" is not in a position to influence the decision Pugacheva. It is hoped that this year is going to change the situation, but as long as the list of participants in the concert, a pregnant woman is not listed. - We do not comment on things like this - approved "TD" spokeswoman Julie Mack Dubov. - The kind of thing we have in the other competent business people, but not me, not our actress.

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